Big Sur is California's coastal paradise.

The 100 miles of Big Sur...

...where the mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean. Majestic ancient redwoods. The mist of the ocean. Soaring bridges.

Big Sur is sometimes called a living Eden, and when you arrive here along the famed Pacific Coast Highway, you'll understand why.

Big Sur weddings are casual and superlative. You can have a Big Sur wedding of your own, and the selection will be lovely.

Anderson Canyon is splendid, offering houses overlooking the Pacific for the wedding party. A Redwood Forest runs through it, with creek and waterfall too!

Drive the party to Big Sur River Inn. A delightful spot that has been a host to gatherings and weddings for generations. You will love their dining room with bent willow chairs overlooking Big Sur River.

Or if you prefer your wedding night accomodations more luxurious, consider staying in Carmel or Monterey and taking the hour-drive south into Big Sur for an idyllic ceremony overlooking the sea.